Weekly Round Up

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Welcome to our new weekly round up. This is where you can catch up on the things that the forum have done this week. Some weeks there may be more than other weeks, and there are certain things that we are involved in that gives us access to privileged information, but we will report on what we can.

This week we held our first service provider meeting of 2019. We had representatives from SNAPS, Regenerate, NE-AS, Building Bloxs, Eastern Ravens and Daisy Chain. It was lovely to meet new people, put faces to names and have our neighbours come and visit. We had an opportunity to talk about what we are doing and finding out what they are doing. We are so fortunate in Stockton to have charities and community groups so invested in supporting our families, children and young people.

At coffee morning this week, we had Alice from Family Fund, and you can find out more about that here. Its just a regular coffee morning next Tuesday, so please do pop in and see us, if you’ve never been before, they are really informal and it is just a place to come and meet other Parent Carers, share stories and maybes have a slice of toast or a biscuit.

Thursday this week was very busy as we were privileged to attend some training that was being delivered to schools in the North East as part of the accelerator programme for Transforming Care. The training was delivered by Claire Stirling of Sensory Worx, which some of you may know through our sensory training that we provided for parents. It is our hope that through the training that is being administered, small but steady changes will be noticed by children and they families.

We finish this week with our event about Prep For Adulthood. This will be reported on in more detail as soon as we have had a chance to process all of the comments and feedback parents gave. It was amazing to see parents having their views and opinions heard and listened to! We hope that the parents that came feel it was beneficial for them, and we would like to say a big thank you to those that came! Look out because we do have other events coming up to #Participate.